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inglehood records is creating new music using classic soul titles.

Taking advantage of the great talent in East Nashville and bringing together musicians with a passion to make great soul music, the way it was meant to be heard. Nashville Soul Music.

Tommy McDonnell & The Mac 5 CD


Tommy McDonnell & The Mac 5 CD


Tommy McDonnell & The Mac 5 CD - Featuring the Inglehood Horns and Rhythm Section. with Special guests - Blue Lou Marini - John Tropea - and Laura Mayo 12 Great Tracks  or to purchase on iTunes Click Here


1 Rock Bottom

2 Mambo Baby

3 Anna

4 Watch and Chain

5 Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night

6 Drunk

7 Palm Springs Jump

8 I'm Not Ashamed

9 5 10 15 Hours

10 I Need Me a Car

11 Soldier of Love

12 The Madison Time


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