inglehood Records

Nashville Soul Music

inglehood records is creating new music using classic soul titles.

Taking advantage of the great talent in East Nashville and bringing together musicians with a passion to make great soul music, the way it was meant to be heard. Nashville Soul Music.


Artist Family

inglehood Artists are a family of musicians , singers , writers, designers and recording engineers, who all  share the same passion, to record and perform classic soul music as it was meant to be heard.

The inglehood Family

Charlie McCoy

A member of the Country Music Hall Of Fame and  The Musicians Hall Of Fame
There are numerous super-session musicians in Nashville, but very few with the longevity of Charlie McCoy. He has recorded  on everything from Simon and  Garfunkle "The Boxer" to 6 Bob Dylan records .

Now we are lucky enough to release "A  Shot In The Harp" The Music of Henry Mancini in our store and on iTunes.

On  A Shot In The Harp Charlie plays a collection of what we feel, is a wide selection of Mancini's greats. Including  the songs Baby Elephant Walk and Moon River

Tommy McDonnell

The Tommy is the lead singer of the "The Original Blues Brothers Band" and has been since 1995.  Tommy continues to travel the world singing with "The Original Blues Brothers Band" and Irish fiddler Eileen Ivers. His first inglehood record "Tommy McDonnell & The Mac 5" is available now on iTunes and other digital music outlets.   This brilliant debut record features the inglehood horns and Blues Brother Saxophonist Blue Lou Marini as well as celebrated Jazz guitarist John Tropea.

Laura Mayo

Laura is young ,beautiful and can sing, a triple threat.    Born in Memphis TN her musical lineage shows through.  At 24 she sings with a voice and experience of someone twice her age. Her first inglehood record "Drinking Again" available now on itunes and at the inglehood bodega, it  features Micah Hulscher at the Grand Piano and Jon Radford on Drums . 

Tommy McDonnell and Laura Mayo

The Prima Project!!  Prima Time a tribute to the Late Great, Louis Prima and Keely Smith, with a tip of the hat to Sam Butera.  This record features the Inglehood rhythm section, Randy Leago and the inglehood horns. Also Backgound vocals by  Tommy Keenum and Alexis Saski.  Our special  Guest Pianist on Prima Time is Michael Webb (Poco , John Fogerty).  Buy it Today on Itunes and other Digital music outlets or get a CD at our inglehood Bodega.

Alexis Saski

Alexis is awesome with a capital Alexis, a staple in the Showband and Inglewood and East Nashville music scene.  Her voice has the power and intensity of Little Richard and the sultry qualities of Ruth Brown. Her first record for inglehood "Shakin" features inglehood Horns leader Randy Leago on bari sax and James "Hags" Haggerty on bass. Shakn' is available on itunes and  is available now at the inglehood Bodega

Glen Caruba and Tommy Keenum

Glen Caruba and Tommy Keenum are  the newest members of the inglehood family.   Glen made his debut on Alexis Saski's  record Shakin' on the song "Nitty Gritty" .  Tommy 's  first appearance is on our    "Soul Christmas" record available now in the bodega and on itunes . Look for their upcoming Record  "Mambo Mambo Mambo" Out Now on iTunes and in the inglehood Bodega. Tommy's  smooth dulcid tones and soulful delivery, will have you dancing and maybe more.... Glen's percussion is world renown  (Mavericks , Jimmy Buffet ) and the inglehood Horns and Rhythm Section will get you jump'n . Special guests on this record Include Paul Leim, Chester Thompson, Jeff Coffin, John Tropea, Lou Marini and more...

Drea Rhenee and James Hags Haggerty

Drea Rhenee and James Hags Haggerty

Drea Rhenee and James Hags Haggerty - Drea Rhenee is a accomplished Vocalist best know for her work with Michael McDonald for whom she has toured with for 11 years.  James Hags Haggerty has been a first call Bassist in Nashville since 1997 and is well known for his work with the band "Joe Marcs Brother" and Josh Rouse.  As well as touring stints with The Autumn Defense and Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion. This collaboration between Contra Bass and Vocal is meant to Highlight The Stunning Vocals of Drea Rhenee, while James Haggerty slinks around her tone with the warm sounds of his Bass.  This project is puncuatede by inglehood Drummer Martin Lynds. Available in the inglehood Bodega , itunes and  digital music outlets

Micah Hulscher.jpg

Micah Hulscher

Micah Hulscher, is not only our accomplished accompanist  .  Hailing originally from Seattle he quickly has made a mark in Nashville. Appearing on the Alabama Shakes debut record , a member of Los Colognes, Margo Price and Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell's Band Micah,  is in demand. A fine Jazz pianist we love his first Record for inglehood "Too Young For Jazz"  out now.


The inglehood Horns

The inglehood Horns lead by Randy Leago, feature a who's who of Nashville horn players including but not limited to:  Roy Agee - Trombone , Jim Williamson - Trumpet, Mavis Turner -Trumpet, Sam Levine - Sax,    Barry Green -Trombone,  Diego Vasquez -Trombone. Their record features classic and original soul compositions with a New Orleans funk andutilizes the inglehood rhythm section James"Hags"Haggerty - Bass,  Martin Lynds - Drums , and Joe V. McMahan -Guitar.


Tommy Keenum

The unbelievably talented Tommy Keenum with his first inglehood Solo release I am Your Man . Featuring Drea Rhenee' with an incredible duet on "Watch Dog"  and Glen Caruba Tearing up percussion on "And The Angels Sing". Also on this stellar record are the inglehood allstars!!                                                                                                                                                        Joe V McMahan – Guitar, Micah Hulscher – Piano, James Hags Haggerty – Bass ,                                                                                        Martin Lynds - Drums Glen Caruba – Percussion,                                                                      Randy Leago – Saxes and Flutes, Vinnie Ciesielski – Trumpets,   John Hinchey - Trombones ,  Jonathan Hamby – B3,  BGVs Laura Mayo, Alexis Saski, Tabitha Fair, and Drea Rhenee'