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inglehood records is creating new music using classic soul titles.

Taking advantage of the great talent in East Nashville and bringing together musicians with a passion to make great soul music, the way it was meant to be heard. Nashville Soul Music.

Tommy Keenum I Am Your Man

Tommy Keenum I Am Your Man.jpg
Tommy Keenum I Am Your Man.jpg

Tommy Keenum I Am Your Man


Tommy Keenum – I am Your man


  1. Love Ain't Nothing (But A Monkey On Your back)

  2. Black CoffeeI Am Your Man

  3. Bobby Hebb

  4. Watch Dog

  5. And The Angels Sing

  6. I've Been So Lonely

  7. Your Good Thing (Is About To End)

Tommy Keenum Vocals

Drea Rhenee' - Vocals

Joe V McMahan – Guitar

Micah Hulscher – Piano

James Hags Haggerty – Bass

Martin Lynds - Drums

Glen Caruba – Percussion

Randy Leago – Saxes and Flutes

Vinnie Ciesielski – Trumpets

John Hinchey - Trombones

Jonathan Hamby – B3

BGVs Laura Mayo, Alexis Saski, Tabitha Fair, Drea Rhenee'

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Cowboy Keith Thompson

Mastered by Alex McCollough True East Mastering

Photos Jared Manzo Cover Art Bill Lavolette


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