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inglehood records is creating new music using classic soul titles.

Taking advantage of the great talent in East Nashville and bringing together musicians with a passion to make great soul music, the way it was meant to be heard. Nashville Soul Music.

Glen Caruba Featuring Tommy Keenum CD


Glen Caruba Featuring Tommy Keenum CD

  1. The Coffee Song
  2. Mucha Muchacha
  3. Patricia
  4. Ti Mon Bo
  5. Rum and Coca-Cola
  6. Mambo Mongo

Mambo Mambo Mambo

By world-renowned percussionist Glen Caruba featuring the stunning vocals of Tommy Keenum!! With special celebrity musician guests: Chester Thompson, Paul Leim, Blue Lou Marini, Jeff Coffin, John Tropea and Joe Pisapia!!
Plus the amazing and talented Inglehood
Rhythm section: Martin Lynds, James Hags Haggerty, Micah Hulscher, Joe V McMahan and Laura Mayo. With incredible horn arrangements by Randy Leago and the inglehood Horn's featuring: Vinnie Ciesielski, Jim Williamson, Barry green and Roy Agee. Mambo Mambo Mambo.
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