inglehood Records

Nashville Soul Music

inglehood records is creating new music using classic soul titles.

Taking advantage of the great talent in East Nashville and bringing together musicians with a passion to make great soul music, the way it was meant to be heard. Nashville Soul Music.

Introducing ...

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It all started when..

We realized here at inglehood, to not take advantage of the amazing country musicians in Nashville, was an oversight.

So was born Inglehood Country.

Our first artist is Kris Harris , from Denver Col. where he leads a band called The Heresies.

We first met Kris while he was opening for seminal americana/roots artist Chuck Mead formally of BR-549. Kris' wife Shelly was a long time friend of BR-549 and we got to know and love Kris through her.

Kris' thoughtful and introspective lyrics , clever songwriting and unique delivery made him the perfect choice to launch our New Boutique Label.

The album features a who's who of Nashville luminaries from Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie McCoy on harmonica, to Chris Scruggs of Marty Stuarts band The Superlatives on Steel Guitar. Legendary roots music guitar Player   Dave Coleman lends his talents as well as the aforementioned Chuck Mead on rhythm acoustic guitars. Also a little splash of extra guitar punch from Tony Obrohta( Winona , Little Big Town and LeeAnn Rimes). Also featuring Inglehood Regulars like Martin Lynds on Drums , James Hags Hagerty on Bass, and Micah Hulscher on Piano.

Kris Harris

Kris Harris "Cheerleader"  Available  here

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